22LR Titanium Form 1

22lr 1″ x 6″ all titanium K baffle can
1″ .051 wall GR9 tubing
1″ GR 5 bar stock
Drawing shows .281 bore but I went with 17/64 and everything lines up concentric so at the moment I don’t plan on opening it up any more.

This was done with SHARP HSS on a Southbend Heavy 10. Sharp is the operative word there. Let it rub for a minute and back to the hone stones you go. I did however use a carbide ball mill.

Drawings first












Other steps including the little workholder I made to do the ball mill scoops and interlocking tabs

Notice the blowout in the bottom left baffle. It was replaced. Judging thickness down in there for the ball mill is very difficult and so is figuring out depth.


This suppressor was made prior to me owning a mill so the lathe had to do double duty.  This is a small baffle holder fitted to a boring bar holder for the lathe.  The screws clamp down on the tapered baffle surface.

This baffle isn’t done yet

And on my 22/45 just for show

For good measure to show I’m on the up and up

Finished about 2:30AM one year to the day after I got my stamp approved.

Ruger 22/45

Savage FV-SR